If you have any question that you do not see addressed here, please email us at: [email protected]

Do you ship to "xxx" country?

We do ship to any country that USPS or UPS can deliver to. 

You might have to click "refresh rates" in the shipping box after you entered your shipping address to see the available shipping options. If you want things to be shipped through UPS, please contact us ([email protected]), but note that UPS tends to be more expensive.

Is the conductivity really 20 W/mK?

According to testing done following norm ASTM D5470, the conductivity of our pads is indeed 20 W/mK at 50°C.

What thermal paste do you recommend?

We do not recommend any one in particular, as there are many good options out there. However, we use SYY 157 ourselves as we found it to be affordable and to give us satisfactory results.

My credit/debit card is getting rejected and I cannot check out.

This is typically the result of a mismatch between the billing information entered and the information associated with the card you are trying to use.

You can use PayPal to easily overcome that issue.

Has my order shipped?

An automated email with the tracking information gets sent to you when your order ships. It is not uncommon for that email to be filtered as SPAM. If you still cannot find the email, please contact us.

There is no shipping options available. What do I do?

When you enter your shipping address, you might need to click "refresh rates" in the shipping option box to see which shipping options are available to you.

Will the GPU custom sets be made available on Amazon?

Not at this time since these are more like "specialty products".